Thane of Bregan
Gender: Male
Family: Rheda (older sister)
Slean (nephew)
Hrothgar (brother in-law)
Slean's maternal grandfather (father)
Species: Human
Status: Deceased
Appearances: 10 (see #Appearances)
Portrayed by: Elliot Cowan
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"If the Shieldlands are to remain, we must be strong... and I must be Jarl!"
―Abrecan to his council in Bregan.[src]

Abrecan (Elliot Cowan) is the Thane of Bregan, younger brother of Rheda, Thane of Herot, uncle of Slean, and brother in-law of the late Hrothgar.


Abrecan - Thane of Bregan (Elliot Cowan)

A noble man, gifted warrior and loyal brother, Abrecan is a natural leader of men with a gift for rhetoric, a keen intellect and an instinct for the politics of power. He presides as Thane, over an ancient coastal tribe named Bregan, which sits at the gateway to the Shieldlands and the Farlands beyond. Abrecan is an ever-present source of love and support to his sister Rheda, taking a brief pause in his tribal affairs to support Rheda through her grief and early days as Herot's Thane. [1]


Abrecan visits the Great Hall of Herot to attend the feast in Hrothgar's honour. After warmly embracing his sister, he brings her news that the other Thanes will be arriving for the Gathering after the funeral rites. Observing that Slean is still smarting that his father passed him other as Thane, Abrecan suggests to Rheda that she should be the Thane of all the Shieldlands as he assures her that doubt in her will pass in time, stating that Hrothgar made a bold choice in appointing her as his successor. He stands by Rheda's side on the following day when Slean leads the chase against Beowulf, pointing out that if he will eventually take Hrothgar's place then he must be seen as a warrior. (Episode 1)