A Barghest.

"Let's tear them apart."
Jogan to his Barghest before setting it loose on Herot.[src]

The Barghest is a wolf-like type of mudborn. They were known to be employed by the Wulfing Raiders, who kept them in chains before setting them loose on their enemies in their attacks, becoming known as Wulfing dogs.


ITV PressEdit

These are descended from prehistoric dire wolves but they are larger and smarter than ordinary wolves. Rather than pursuing prey, they evolved strong front limbs adapted for ambush in the dense forests of the Shieldlands. Their jaws are immensely powerful suggesting as a pack they might well take on a lone Troll, although no one has ever witnessed this. They have long black hair and stand about four feet at the shoulder. They also have good night vision with deep red eyeshine that gave rise to the myth that they have fire in their eyes. [1]

Daily MailEdit

Descended from prehistoric wolves, Barghests are larger and smarter than ordinary wolves. They have good night vision with deep red eyes that gave rise to the myth that they have fire in their eyes. [2]


A Barghest pounced on Elvina in the Western Wood but was killed by a Mudborn beast which took Elvina for its own. The Barghest's dead body was later found by Beowulf and Breca. (Episode 1)

A Barghest was used as an attack dog by the Wulfing Raiders led by Jogan, (Episode 6) who had it set loose on Herot where it attacked several smelters. It was pursued by the Huskarl Brinni, who was disarmed of his sword by the Wulfing dog in a brief struggle. With Brinni at its mercy, the Barghest prepared to pounce on the Huskarl but was knocked aside just in time by the arrival of Beowulf on horseback, who immediately disembarked and slew the dog with his sword. However, the Barghest ultimately served its purpose as the Wulfing Raiders used the distraction to sneak past Herot's defenses and raid the Golden Hall. (Episode 7)

A pair of Barghests were used by Skellan's 200-strong Wulfing army as an advance guard on their initial push through the Draca Bridge preluding to their invasion of Herot alongside Abrecan's force from Bregan. They first appeared as they mauled the look-out of the dozen-strong force of Herot Huskarla on the opposing side of the bridge. Soon after, the first Barghest boarded the bridge and attacked the combined Huskarla force who held it off with their shields before pushing it off the bridge to its death. This was immediately followed by the second Barghest which pounced on Gil who was barely able to hold it off in the brief skirmish until Vishka provided a distraction by calling out to the Barghest once she got around it, luring it to a hole at the middle of the bridge through which it jumped to its death while Vishka clung to the edge. (Episode 11)