Reeve of Herot
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Status: Deceased
Appearances: 1 (see #Appearances)
Portrayed by: Nigel Cooke
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"There'll be no more blood spilt in this hall while I'm Reeve."

Bayen (Nigel Cooke) was the Reeve of Hrothgar, Thane of Herot, serving in that position for ten years before his death, having served as Shieldman for thirty.


Bayen - Reeve of Herot (Nigel Cooke)

As Herot's long-serving Reeve and Shieldsman, Bayen's loyalty to Hrothgar, Herot's Thane, was unquestionable and unyielding. He continues to protect the walls of Herot under new Thane Rheda. [1]


He was part of Bayen's cohort which saw Beowulf by the body of his father, having slain a pair of trolls. 20 years later, he served Hrothgar's wife Rheda following his death. He interrupts Beowulf's clash with Slean in the Great Hall, telling Beowulf to watch himself after Rheda allows him to attend the feast in Hrothgar's honour. He later discusses what Hrothgar has left behind with the advisor Varr as they tend to his burial. Following the feast, Beowulf asks again to see Hrothgar's body but is refused by Bayen. Later, Beowulf finds Bayen mortally wounded at the hands of a mudborn. Beowulf vows to avenge Bayen in order to ensure his place in the Halls of the Dead as he dies only to be arrested and sentenced to execution on suspicion of Bayen's murder. However, Beowulf manages to escape, proceeding to pursue and maim the beast, clearing him of the charge. (Episode 1)