Gender: Male
Species: Human
Status: Alive
Appearances: 12 (see #Appearances)
Portrayed by: Jack Rowan
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Brinni (Jack Rowan) is a Huskarl of Herot.


Brinni - Huskarla of Herot (Jack Rowan)

Born into a family of Huskarla - Herot's guard led by Slean, Brinni was thrust into a fighter's world. Although he dutifully accepts his role, as played by generations of men in his family, he longs to choose his own destiny. Duty aside, this young and handsome Huskarla has a secret crush on Vishka, of which she is entirely unaware. He teaches her the swordsmanship and fighting skills she craves and their fiery banter and friendship plays across the series. [1]


He is first seen alerting Slean that Beowulf has returned. Following Slean's orders to kill Beowulf, he attacks Beowulf but is swiftly dispatched with the rest of the guard. (Episode 1)

Brinni joins Gil and Slean's detachment of a dozen Huskarla at the Draca Bridge alongside Vishka to hold off the at least 200-strong Wulfing/Bregan invasion force in order to buy the time needed for forces from Banning to make it to Herot. Ultimately, Brinni and Vishka are ordered by Gil to take Slean, who he had knocked out, back to Herot, preserving their young lives as well as that of Herot's future Thane before Gil and the rest of his men give their own against the invaders' push on the bridge. (Episode 11)

Following this, Brinni fights along with the rest of Herot against the Wulfing/Bregan invasion. He is shocked to discover that Elvina is a skinshifter as she transforms in her surgery to protect the Mudborn beast. He is promptly told by Beowulf to leave the surgery and not tell anyone of what he has just seen. (Episode 12)