Gender: Female
Family: Unnamed father
Grendl (son)
Species: Skinshifter
Status: Alive
Appearances: 12 (see #Appearances)
Portrayed by: Laura Donnelly
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Elvina (Laura Donnelly) is Herot's healer and the woman caught between Beowulf and Slean.


Elvina - Herot's Healer (Laura Donnelly)

Strong, determined, stubborn and beautiful, Elvina hails from the mysterious Mere tribe. She eventually travelled to Herot, after her people suffered a brutal massacre at the hands of the vicious Warig creatures. As Herot's healer, Elvina is held in good esteem and relied upon in times of need and is a great source of strength and support in her community. Her journey is a complex one, particularly in matters of the heart, as she gradually becomes torn between two relationships when Beowulf arrives in Herot, complicating her affections for Slean. [1]


Strong, determined, stubborn and beautiful. Like Beowulf, she has her secrets as Herot’s healer and translator. [2]


She is first seen watching Beowulf along with everyone else as he returns to Heorot with Breca. She later tends to the guards who Beowulf defeated before attending the feast in Hrothgar's honour. Her discussion with Beowulf is noticed by Slean, who asks her about it when he meets with her. Though she assures him that she was just talking, she reminds Slean that she is not his yet and that his mother would never allow it. The following day, Elvina goes out to collect supplies but is unknowingly pursued by a mudborn beast which is seen by Red, who alerts the Reeve, leading Beowulf to make chase. On her way, Elvina is confronted by a wolf-like Barghest only to see it killed by the mudborn beast which kidnaps her. Beowulf and Breca pursue the beast to an old giant keep, where Beowulf rescues Elvina and maims the beast. Returning home, Elvina tends to the injuries Breca sustained before preparing Bayen's cadaver for burial when she is met by Slean, who wishes that he was the one to rescue her. Assuring her that he would've cut the beast's head off as they agree to met that night. Continuing her work, Elvina discovers that Bayen was not slain by the beast as had been believed but was infact stabbed. (Episode 1)



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