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Herot is bustling as the town makes preparations for the Gathering at which the next ruler of the Shieldlands will be elected. With the other tribal leaders due to arrive in Herot at any moment however, the pressure mounts to catch Herot’s killer before another victim is claimed.

In a bid to buy themselves more time and avoid panic amongst the tribe leaders, Rheda (Joanne Whalley), Slean (Ed Speleers) and Abrecan (Elliott Cowan) ride out to stall them whilst Beowulf begins his search. Keen not to let Beowulf investigate alone, Koll (Alex Price), the deputy Reeve, joins him in the hunt and their enquiries lead them from the working heart of Herot, the smelting pits, to the upper echelons of the Golden Hall. The discoveries they unravel shock Beowulf and those around him to the core.

Meanwhile, a member of Rheda’s riding party - one of our heroes, fails to return to Herot, signalling further danger may be in their midst.








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