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Our group continue their perilous journey to Mere to bolster the new treaty, but now without Roth to guide them, the dangers they face look far from over. As they tackle various assaults the group’s situation goes from bad to desperate. For Elvina (Laura Donnelly), this is a return to her homelands; she recalls her mother’s old tales of Mere as she guides them past the rivers and dunes towards the hidden tribe.

Anticipating a warm welcome, our Herot heroes are shocked to be met with hostility by aging Thane Gorrik (David Bradley). Eventually however, as his icy demeanour slowly melts away, they are introduced to the tribe and Gorrik’s daughters Mara (Olivia Chenery) and Kela (Holly Earl). Mara (Olivia Chenery), the eldest of the two and Slean’s (Ed Speleers) future bride, is taken ill and whilst Elvina tries to heal her, her attempts are redundant without the necessary cure. Only found within one of the Shieldlands’ most dangerous Mudborn creatures, retrieving the cure will take courage, stealth and no small amount of skill. With Gorrik unable and reluctant to risk his depleted warriors, even for his own daughter, Beowulf (Kieran Bew) sets out with Breca (Gisli Orn Gardarsson) to get the remedy on which Mara’s life depends.

Rowan, Gorrik’s Reeve (Sam Hoare) and Mara’s true love, joins them to help save her. But with Gorrik growing suspicious of the Herot party, fuelled by Rowan’s words of distrust, could his intensions in joining Beowulf and Breca be less than heroic, and will Mara get the antidote she desperately needs to save her life and to secure the marriage?







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