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Beowulf (Kieran Bew) gets to work re-building the town’s defences - a need that becomes even greater when iron-miner Greff (Joe Sims), is attacked by one of the most dangerous Mudborn creatures known to humans – a Troll. Usually able to keep these deadly creatures at bay, such an unprovoked attack spells unquantifiable danger for the people of the Shieldlands and must therefore be investigated immediately by Beowulf.

Elsewhere, Slean’s (Ed Speleers) frustrations and impotence about his impending marriage to Kela (Holly Earl) escalate further when he misconstrues a private conversation between Elvina (Laura Donnelly) and Beowulf; tensions spill over, leading the men to blows. It’s the last straw for Slean who leaves for Bregan to see Abrecan (Elliott Cowan) - marking an end to his loyalties to Rheda (Joanne Whalley).

With the threat of the Mudborn creature looming, Beowulf heads to the forest with Breca (Gisli Orn Gardarsson) and Greff to steer off any further attacks. Beowulf soon discovers that the Trolls, who are usually fed salt to keep them equable, have been deprived of it, in an act that reeks of treachery against Herot. First things first however, with the Trolls on the rampage thirsting for salt, they’ll soon come looking for human blood which means Beowulf must act now to placate the threat - and then unravel the traitor working against Rheda.

Unaware of Beowulf’s revelation, Slean arrives in Bregan to meet with his uncle Abrecan. Tensions are high but their deliberations are cut short as Bregan falls under attack leaving Slean forced to pick where his loyalties lie…








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