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With Slean (Ed Speleers) and his uncle Abrecan (Elliott Cowan) failing to warn Herot about the Wulfing Raider attack, the marauders arrive at the peripheries of an unsuspecting Herot and set their Barghest wolves free to terrorise the town.

As Herot’s townspeople flea in all directions, Beowulf (Kieran Bew) rushes to action, but whilst he’s saving lives in the smelting pits, one of our characters is abducted from the bosom of Herot and, later, Rheda (Joanne Whalley) agrees to meet old enemy Jogan (Jefferson Hall) to negotiate an exchange for the hostage.

With tensions at boiling point as the exchange takes place, an unexpected turn of events forces Beowulf and Varr (Edward Hogg) to join forces and face the threat head on before Rheda loses authority and control of her town.

Meanwhile, with Slean en route back to Herot, armed with his uncle’s treacherous plot against his mother, Abrecan begins to question his nephew’s nerve to do what must be done against Rheda.







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