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Herot, in the mirth and merriment of preparation, readies itself for Slean (Ed Speleers) and Kela’s (Holly Earl) wedding celebrations. Songs are sung, stories are told and mead is drunk, but will a deadly turn of events prove too much for Slean to bear and when some shocking secrets are revealed between the couple, they must decide if new loyalties are to be forged or irrevocably shattered.

Meanwhile, with Rheda’s (Joanne Whalley) new laws permeating the tribes, it’s time for Abrecan (Elliott Cowan) to make a choice, whether to step aside and accept his sister’s rule, or stand against her in a declaration of war, however, not before Abrecan sees his people through the most significant event of the year… The harvest season is upon them and the people of Bregan eagerly await the behemoth shoal of pandiri fish, soon to travel through their waters - an event on which their survival depends!

As Thane, the responsibility befalls Abrecan to call his tribe into action when he predicts the pandiri fish are within their grasp. But, having been distracted by events in Herot, many, including council member Harken, have sensed Abrecan’s growing distance from the tribe and doubt his ability and commitment. To avoid another hungry winter, Abrecan must deliver a successful harvest to maintain his position and influence as Thane. Under ever-increasing pressure after his misstep the previous year, Abrecan cannot consider failure and he faces an unexpected fight for leadership…







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