Gender: Male
Species: Human
Status: Deceased
Appearances: 4 (see #Appearances)
Portrayed by: Ashley Thomas
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Gil (Ashley Thomas) is Slean's lieutenant.


Gil - Slean's Second in Command (Ashley Thomas)

A gifted and seasoned Huskarla soldier, Gil has some experience of the world and, whilst hardened by what he's seen, it has not dampened his spirits. Gil trains the Huskarla to the standards set by Hrothgar and his approach to his men may be more stick than carrot, but it is all with the intention of keeping them safe and, most importantly alive. [1]


Having been convinced by Slean, Gil leads a detachment of a dozen Huskarla at the Draca Bridge to hold off the at least 200-strong Wulfing/Bregan invasion force in order to buy the time needed for forces from Banning to make it to Herot. Ultimately, Gil knocks Slean out before ordering Brinni and Vishka to take him back to Herot, preserving the lives of Herot's future Thane as well as his youngest warriors before he and the rest of his men give their lives against the invaders' push on the bridge. (Episode 11)