Gender: Male
Species: Human
Status: Deceased
Appearances: 2 (see #Appearances)
Portrayed by: Ace Bhatti

Harken (Ace Bhatti) is the head of Bregan's council.


Harken - Bregan's Head Councilman (Ace Bhatti)

Harken is an enlightened, principled Bregan council member and longstanding mentor to Bregan's Thane Abrecan. He is wise and intelligent with a great understanding of both military strategy and politics, in Bregan and beyond, but notably, without a personal ambition and desire for power. [1]


The Pandiri HarvestEdit

(Episode 8)


Convening a meeting of his council, Abrecan stressed that Bregan needed to be strong to face the coming of the Mudborn, indirectly addressing Harken when he went on to say that some doubted that he cared for the people of Bregan and that he was once taught that a good man forgave those with the courage to admit they were at fault and with the courage to ask for that forgiveness. Standing up, Harken added that he also taught Abrecan that a good man must have the courage to stand by what he believes, voicing his offense at Abrecan's plans to attack his own sister. Embracing Harken, Abrecan thanked him for teaching him this last lesson, that a good man and a good leader were not the same, before proceeding to kill him as he gutted him with his dagger in front of the rest of the council, maintaining that if the Shieldlands were to remain they must be strong and he must become Jarl. Harken's body was then strung up and left to hang on Bregan's city walls, which was discovered by Rheda when she returned to visit her brother. (Episode 10)