Thane of Herot
Jarl of the Shieldlands
Gender: Male
Family: Unnamed father
Rheda (wife)
Abrecan (brother in-law)
Slean's maternal grandfather (father in-law)
Slean (son)
Species: Human
Status: Deceased
Appearances: 4 (see #Appearances)
Portrayed by: William Hurt
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Hrothgar (William Hurt) was the former Thane of Herot and Jarl of the Shieldlands, father of Slean, ward of Beowulf, husband of Rheda, who succeeded him after his death, and brother in-law of Abrecan, Thane of Bregan.


Hrothgar - Past Thane of Herot (William Hurt)

Hrothgar was not only the Leader of the Alliance in the Shieldlands, he was considered one of the last of the great heroes and a strong protector of his kin and people. Through courage, bloody-mindedness and force of will, Hrothgar helped forge the settlement of Herot into what it is today - the beating heart of the Shieldlands. To symbolise this, he had a vast gilded hall built on the hill above it. From here he not only ruled his people, but with them, shared Herot's wealth and wisdom. [1]


The Thane of Herot who adopted Beowulf and aimed to mold the then boy into a leader - a boy who, in Hrothgar’s eyes, was inherently more capable than his own son. [2]



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