Beowulf Kela
Gender: Female
Family: Gorrik (father)
Mara (older sister)
Slean (husband)
Rheda (mother in-law)
Species: Human
Status: Alive
Appearances: 8 (see #Appearances)
Portrayed by: Holly Earl
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Kela (Holly Earl) is the secondborn daughter of Gorrik, Thane of the Mere, and the younger sister of Mara.


Kela - Gorrik's daughter (Holly Earl)

Despite being the daughter of Gorrik, Thane of Mere, Kela has lived in the shadows as her elder sister Mara took pride of place in their father's eyes. Kela's relationship with Gorrik is a fractious one; whilst a deep-rooted resentment is clear, Gorrik relies on Kela as his political compass and moral guide.

Yet, Kela's spirit remains unbeaten and beneath her virtuous demeanour lies a shrewd and resourceful young woman, who has used her years spent in the shadows to her gain. [1]


As the secondborn daughter of Gorrik, Kela was always overlooked by her father in favor of her older sister Mara.

When her sister was intended to be betrothed to Slean and fell ill with sea fever, Kela poisoned her own sister to take her place. (Episode 5, Episode 8)