Gender: Female
Family: Tarn (son)
Species: Human
Status: Alive
Appearances: 6 (see #Appearances)
Portrayed by: Susan Aderin
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Kendra (Susan Aderin) works as a smelter in Herot.


Kendra - Smelter (Susan Aderin)

One of Herot's longest-serving Smelters. Highly opinionated, Kendra is no push over. Yet, beneath her tough exterior she hides a soft centre and cares deeply for Herot's Troll, a Mudborn, which most fear or treat wtih disdain. [1]


She is first seen watching Beowulf along with everyone else as he returns to Herot with Breca. She later attends the feast in Hrothgar's honour with her son, Tarn, who confronts the Reeve, Bayen, demanding that the smelters receive their pay tonight. Bayen, taking Tarn's hand off him, tells him that he will wait like everyone else as he is pulled back by his mother. (Episode 1)

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Kendra, along with the rest of the smelters, gave her aid in defense of Herot against the Wulfing/Bregan invasion, releasing Herot's troll from its pin and setting it loose on a band of Wulfing raiders who Breca had lured into the troll's ring which was subsequently locked, leaving them to be mauled by the troll as he climbed up the pin to safety. (Episode 12)