Deputy Reeve of Herot
Gender: Male
Family: Sylvi (wife)
Mortane (stepdaughter)
Species: Skinshifter
Status: Deceased
Appearances: 3 (see #Appearances)
Portrayed by: Alex Price
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"I had no choice, but to protect my family."

Koll (Alex Price) was the deputy Reeve of Herot who answered to Bayen. He was ultimately revealed to be a Skinshifter.


Koll - Herot's Deputy Reeve (Alex Price)

As the Deputy Reeve of Herot, family man Koll has sword to protect his tribe and people from danger and serves under Bayen's command. [1]


Koll first appears in the Great Hall at Bayen's side when Beowulf returns. He later meets Beowulf at Elvina's surgery, where she is tending to the guards who Beowulf beat, to help out. Beowulf deduces that Slean sent Koll to keep an eye on him, Koll points out that he did make quite the impression. Koll questions why Beowulf is staying for the feast in Hrothgar's honour only for Beowulf to ask if he would begrudge him food and drink. At the feast, Slean tells Koll to find the intentions of their unwanted guest. Koll is later present when Beowulf is brought before Rheda on suspicion of Bayen's murder, and then takes Beowulf away to be executed but is interrupted by Red, who alerts that Elvina is being followed toward the Western Wood by a mudborn beast. Immediately after, Breca makes his appearance as he rescues Beowulf, striking Koll in the process. Koll is later present in the hall when Beowulf presents the cut of the mudborn he rescued Elvina form and he believed to have killed Bayen. (Episode 1)