Warig Leader
Gender: Male
Species: Warig
Status: Deceased
Appearances: 2 (see #Appearances)
Portrayed by: Liam Scott

Kragen (Liam Scott) was a Warig chieftain.


Kragen - Warig Leader (Liam Scott)

Kragen, brutal leader of the Southern Warig Warband, rules his Warig followers within the forests of the Shieldlands. [1]


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Kragen was later approached by the Mudborn prophet leader, the skinshifter named Razzak who the Warig knew as Red Tongue, who requested his assistance in driving the Red Bloods from the Shieldlands while presenting to him the Defiler, Beowulf. Kragen initially hesitated, believing that his Warig were too few in number to wage war, but after Razzak voiced his observation having found Herot to be weak, Kragen decided that his warband would join with the Prophet and take their revenge starting with the Defiler, intending to make a spectacle of burning the Red Blood warrior alive just as he burnt their dead priest and their burial ground which robbed it of all meaning as a holy place, they would then kill Elvina before proceeding to join with Razzak and make war on all humankind. However, their attempt to bring peace to their ancestors was interrupted when Elvina revealed herself to be a skinshifter and set Beowulf free. Sending his Warig out to pursue Beowulf and Elvina and bring him their head and heart respectively, Kragen angrily confronted Razzak for what he saw as a betrayal after what he originally believed to be a Red Blood woman was revealed as a flesh changer, branding him a false prophet. Ultimately, Kragen was murdered by Razzak who stabbed him in the back, telling him while still holding the knife in that he was his savior. Razzak would make sure to immediately exploit Kragen's death, rallying the Warig and telling them that Beowulf was the one who killed Kragen before proceeding to push them to avenge their leader and take back the Shieldlands. (Episode 9)