Thane of Banning
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Status: Alive
Appearances: 4 (see #Appearances)
Portrayed by: Ian Puleston-Davies
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Lagrathorn (Ian Puleston-Davies) is Thane of the forest people, the Banning.


Lagrathorn - Thane of Banning (Ian Puleston-Davies)

As Thane of the Banning, a forest people living deep within the woodlands, Lagrathorn is a proud, humorous and determined leader, who is partial to a drink or ten, with the capacity to be unpredictable and dangerous in the face of defiance and disappointment. A man of tradition, Lagrathorn does not take too kindly to change but, despite being set in his ways, he still has the capacity to surprise where one would least expect it. [1]


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Lagrathorn was incensed to see a delegation from Herot arriving at Banning, uninvited and without warning, before proceeding to erect a giant log covered in Rheda's "wretched" laws outside of his hall along with a message from her insisting that he publicly declare that said laws would be upheld by the Banning, despite him telling her earlier at the Gathering that he would have no part of the laws she intended to force upon the tribes. Storming off to Herot while comforting himself with drink, Lagrathorn confronted Rheda, asking her what was the point in these laws. Her reply would be one better as she shown him a captive Warig, who Lagrathorn identified from its rags as being of the Haji warband which lived in the woods near Banning, noting that it strangely wasn't afraid before Rheda ordered it executed. Rheda would elaborate on what she shown him, explaining that a Warig uprising was coming and that she needed to know that she could rely on the Banning's support, the Varni being vanished, the Mere ghost people, and the Wisdeth farmers, pointing out that if Herot should come under threat she would need Lagrathorn's archers and woodmen. Lagrathorn gave Rheda his word that he would send his warriors should Herot need them, noting that he still had the capacity to surprise her. Sensing Rheda anticipating the sting in the tail, Lagrathorn gave her his condition that he would only give his support if he didn't have to accept her laws. Rheda begrudgingly accepted Lagrathorn's condition, telling him that he could take down his banner and that the Banning may have their own laws, but not without forewarning that she could always have another banner of her laws made when the time was right. (Episode 9)