Beowulf's company as guests of the Mere.

The Mere are a distant people in the Shieldlands led by the aging Thane Gorrik. Elvina's family were of the Mere before moving to Herot.


Some twenty years ago, the Warig - a fearsome Mudborn species, drove the peoples of Mere from their lands after its Thane sought to clear the local Warig war bands from his lands, but his actions provoked the Warig to combine their forces and massacre the Mere. The Mere survivors fled the massacre and sought refuge with the Banning. [1]


In anticipation of a coming Wulfing/Bregan invasion of Herot, Rheda ordered riders be sent to the Mere, as well as the Banning and the Wisdeth, to request their assistance. Beowulf pointed out that they would not make it in time and so opted himself to approach the Varni, who were closer, albeit banished from the Alliance. (Episode 11)