The pandiri are a species of fish who serve as a vital food source for Bregan.


These large heavily scaled fish are famous for their late summer migration from the Stone Sea up the southern estuaries of the Shieldlands. Many local tribes, in particular those at Bregan, depend on this annual bounty for their survival. Once they have spawned in the upper forest reaches of the rivers, a large number of the older adults die but most return performing the seasonal journey up to a dozen times. Unfortanutely, in their usual habitat, the pandiri are voracious predators, each equipped with a fearsome set of serrated teeth. Once they gather in numbers they can strip prey of its flesh in minutes. As a consequence, it takes an enormous amount of skill and not a small amount of bravery to catch them. [1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Pandiri fish were depicted through computer generated imagery by Milk VFX.[2]

"Milk designed and created CG ‘Pandiri’ fish and animated them swimming in a river. We created both underwater and aerial shots of the fish in the river. Our effects team digitally enhanced the practical water in order to ensure a realistic interaction between the water and the fish."
―Milk VFX[src]