Thane of Herot
Jarl of the Shieldlands
Gender: Female
Family: Slean's maternal grandfather (father)
Hrothgar (husband)
Abrecan (younger brother)
Slean (son)
Kela (daughter in-law)
Species: Human
Status: Alive
Appearances: 12 (see #Appearances)
Portrayed by: Joanne Whalley
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"It's true. I may never wield a sword or lead the Huskarl into battle. I'll never be Hrothgar. But I will rule."

Rheda (Joanne Whalley) is the new Thane of Herot, widow to the former Thane, Hrothgar, mother of Slean, and older sister of Abrecan, Thane of Bregan.


Rheda - Thane of Herot (Joanne Whalley)

A leader, mother and sister; Rheda is considered, intelligent and steely. As the newly appointed Thane of Herot, she makes clear her intentions to become Jarl and ruler of the Shieldlands. With many doubting her abilities domestically and afar, her journey is a dangerous and complex one. A woman striving to lead in a man's world, it takes deep sacrifice, equanimity and true grit to fight for her place, her people and at times her life. Whilst many leaders rule with an iron fist, Rheda remains determined to be a more judicious, progressive Thane, placing equal importance on head and heart - but if pushed, Rheda can be every inch as brutal as the traitors who surround her and a match for any man. [1]


Capable, intelligent, tough when she needs to be and Herot’s Thane, Rheda proves herself as a leader and a savvy and at times dangerous politician. [2]



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