Thane of Wisdeth
Gender: Male
Family: Rate (younger brother)
Unnamed wife
Unnamed children
Species: Human
Status: Deceased
Appearances: 2 (see #Appearances)
Portrayed by: David Harewood
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"My sons will be farmers. And they will breed with farmers. And they will rule farmers. And they will be happy with that, because that is all they have ever known. But I was born a warrior and I'll die one."

Scorann (David Harewood) was the Thane of the farming community, the Wisdeth.


Scorann - Thane of Wisdeth (David Harewood)

A born warrior, fearsome fighter and man of great honour. Varni blood pulses deeply through Scorann's veins but, to strengthen the Alliance, he did his duty and married a Wisdeth bride, of a farming tribe, had farming children, and henceforth, served their sedate tribe as Thane leaving behind his life of danger, bloodshed, and exhilaration, thus abdicating his Varni legacy, to his younger brother Rate. [1]