"What do you think I am? A freak? What else? When your ancestors were living in caves in the Farlands my bloodline were priests to the giant-kings that ruled here. We walked this black earth like princes!"

A skinshifter, alternatively known as flesh changer, is a mudborn which can assume human form. Koll was revealed to be a skin-shifter. (Episode 2)

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Kolls True form reveald


ITV PressEdit

A race of powerful human-like creatures that can change their physical appearance at will. Many years ago, most were driven by men from the Shieldlands. They were formerly a druidic class, guardians of the rituals for the Giants that once ruled the Shieldlands. However, once the Giants fled, centuries of persecution followed that forced those that remained to hide and assimilate amongst settlers disguised as humans. They age slower than humans, living for up to five hundred years, meaning they often live a nomadic and solitary existence for fear of exposure. In recent times, few have presented a threat, but historical prejudice against them runs deep because they deceive by their appearance. [1]

Daily MailEdit

A race of powerful, human-like creatures that can change their physical appearance at will and live up to 500 years. [2]