Heir of Herot
Gender: Male
Family: Hrothgar's father (grandfather)
Unnamed maternal grandfather
Hrothgar (father)
Rheda (mother)
Beowulf (half-brother)
Abrecan (uncle)
Kela (wife)
Species: Human
Status: Alive
Appearances: 12 (see #Appearances)
Portrayed by: Edward Speleers (adult)
George Kent (child)
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Slean (Edward Speleers) is the son of Hrothgar and Rheda, who is denied his birthright of Thane of Herot.


Slean - Rheda and Hrothgar's son (Edward Speleers)

Ambitious, complex, intelligent, but never quite the fighter his father was or Beowulf is. Slean has spent his life at the foot of his father's shadow, even now as he lays dead. Brave but impetuous, with a burning desire to be Thane, Slean's birthright has been denied him by his late father and instead given to his mother Rheda. [1]


Rheda’s son. Ambitious, intelligent and greedy but never the fighter his father was. Brave and with a burning desire to be a great warrior but lacking the natural talent that Beowulf is blessed with, his feelings of inadequacy and insecurity have left their mark. He believes the rule of law is vital in Herot’s progression but that doesn’t mean he necessarily follows it himself. [2]