Gender: Male
Family: Unnamed mother
Argat (half-brother)
Ostan (half-brother)
Species: Human
Status: Alive
Appearances: 11 (see #Appearances)
Portrayed by: Edward Hogg
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Varr (Edward Hogg) is the loyal advisor of Hrothgar and Rheda, Thanes of Herot.


Varr - Rheda's Steward and Advisor (Edward Hogg)

After his mother took up with a Varni warrior, Varr was raised amongst this fearsome tribe, a culture who knew and valued nothing more than violence. As a quiet outsider, Varr suffered until he sought a new home in Herot where he now serves under new Thane Rheda in the Great Hall, as he did her late husband Hrothgar. A discerning and sage advisor, Varr is ever loyal with an unwavering integrity and would lay down his life for his Thane and Herot. [1]


He is first seen watching Beowulf along with everyone else as he returns to Herot with Breca. He is present in the Great Hall where Beowulf reunites with Rheda and Slean, announcing Abrecan when he arrives, and when Abrecan discusses the coming gathering of Thanes with Rheda and Slean. Tending to Hrothgar's cadaver, Varr discusses what the late Thane of Herot has left behind with Reeve Bayen before telling him to keep Beowulf from the chamber. Soon after, Rheda confides in Varr the burden that Hrothgar has left her. The following day, Varr stands by after Beowulf is given permission by Rheda to see Hrothgar's body. (Episode 1)