The Warig chieftain Kragen and his priest.

"What are they like, the Warig?"
"Ugly, stupid, and brutal."
"I know the kind.
Roth and Vishka[src]

The Warig are a humanoid caste of mudborn. (Episode 3)


ITV PressEdit

These highly-social Mudborn were originally form the far north but spread south millennia ago. They are humanoid in form and distinguished by their animal skin clothing and thick eye protection, which they wear because of their sensitivity to daylight. There are several 'tribes' or troops geographically dotted across the Shieldlands but their conflict with human settlers has led to some uniting into war bands. In particular, several bands united to attack the Mere two decades ago almost wiping out their entire settlement. The Warig are bound by a primitive but complex set of faiths, rituals and customs meaning that, although bands are usually led by an alpha male, he will frequently defer to a priest-like individual chosen through one of their ceremonies. [1]

Daily MailEdit

These highly social Mudborn creatures are humanoid and distinguished by their animal-skin clothing and thick eye protection which they wear because they’re sensitive to daylight. [2]


As recounted by Elvina, her father, who believed that everyone, including Mudborn, deserved help, had tended to some sick Warig. However, this was ultimately discovered by the Banning, who hanged her father for helping Mudborn. (Episode 9)

As recounted by Beowulf, some Warig slaves escaped from a neighbouring village close to where he lived with his wife and son. Beowulf joined the effort to hunt them down as they were in need of men. However, a few slaves got away from the party and circled back. Beowulf recounted that by the time he returned home "all that was left was ashes." (Episode 9)

Rheda observed that a half of a hand which had been cut from a Mudborn beast by Beowulf wasn't of a Warig. (Episode 1)

A pair of Warig interrupted Beowulf and Rate's search for Scorann and Slean, with the first Warig taking Beowulf's sword from his horse before a second Warig attacked the two human warriors as they caught up with the first. Beowulf reclaimed his sword as Rate defeated the Warig duo, knocking out the second with the first running away. (Episode 3)