Scorann was the Thane of the Wisdeth.

"The Wisdeth are farmers. They need our iron, our warriors. Their vote can be counted on."

The Wisdeth are the farming community of the Shieldlands who were led by the Thane Scorann before his death.


The Wisdeth are a farming people, well known for their peaceful nature yet, whilst they may rely on the other, more-warlike tribes for protection, their supply of food and grain is essential to the survival of the Shieldlands. [1]


As recounted by Scorann, he was "tricked" by the Jarl Hrothgar into marrying a Wisdeth bride, who he described as a "big-boned farmer's daughter.", in order to strengthen the Alliance between the Shieldlands, thus abdicating his Varni legacy to his younger brother Rate who became their Thane in his place. Though Scorann resented Hrothgar for this, he would be married for 15 years, during which time he had several sons with her as he became Thane of the Wisdeth himself. (Episode 2)

In anticipation of a coming Wulfing/Bregan invasion of Herot, Rheda ordered riders be sent to the Wisdeth, as well as the Banning and the Mere, to request their assistance. Beowulf pointed out that they would not make it in time and so opted himself to approach the Varni, who were closer, albeit banished from the Alliance. (Episode 11)